Project goals

Present day lithium-sulfur batteries consist of solid-state sulfur composite cathodes, which incorporate a conductive carbon additive and an organic polymer binder.

Our aim is to prepare new composite materials based on sulfur and conductive additive by different preparation techniques.

The second part of the project will focus on compatible electrolytes with improved fire safety or with the addition of different fire retardants. Special attention will be connected with using the nonflammable solid inorganic electrolytes, which allow to avoid the short circuit between the electrodes in the Li-S batteries during the cycling, and allow increase the operation range of the temperature without of the fire problems.

The third part will solve the problem of the decreasing the self discharge of the Li-S batteries. This activity will be based on the investigation the correlation between the nature and composition of the electrolyte, and parameters of the electrochemical processes during discharge/charge processes of the sulfur based cathodes and carbon or carbon-silicone anodes.

The fourth part will be connected with the fabrication of the final small Li cells with cathode based on the sulfur composite materials, developed the technologies of the cathode fabrication and the batteries assembly, and testing the batteries properties using wide types of the methods, including, non-destructive methods.